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WordCompete is an addictive, but simple, word game for the iPad

WordCompete has the following features:

  • WordCompete displays a grid of letters that can be dragged on the surface of the iPad.
  • The game has a board of 192 squares, using the iPad's ample surface to create a large playing space.
  • You can slide a letter to a position via some mixture of horizontal and vertical slides through open squares. If a letter is blocked by other letters, it cannot be moved.
  • Points are scored by connecting letters to form words. Think of the longest words you can, and arrange the letters to play the word.  Scores for longer words increase significantly.
  • WordCompete currently offers two possible games - to clear the board (as long as it takes) or play as many words in the time allotted.
  • Some letters are worth more than others - there are highlighted letters with a bonus, and letters with a dark background that have a small penalty (but you still might want to play them).
  • As you play the game, and you find you need just one letter - you can trade some of your points for a letter or two - but think ahead - the price in points of letters increases as the game progresses.
  • In a timed game, if you clear a segment of the game surface, you will get new letters to play.
  • We now offer limited Game Center integration - use WordCompete with a Game Center ID, and your scores are posted automatically to a leaderboard.
  • WordCompete also stores your scores locally, so you can track how you are doing, and what interesting words you've played.

And we're just getting started...

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